I am a Data Scientist. I want to be an artist in science.

I am vegan. I like drawing/painting, flute, piano, running, yoga and cooking (I consider myself as a good cook but the problem is that I am the only one think so. The best comment I got from Mom on my cook is “just eatable”). I love traveling and joke/joking : ). I am addicted to analyzing data and reading.

I used wordpress before and moved to Github after the previous server was hacked couple times. Most of the old records were lost which is not a bad thing because it pushed me to make the change. Life need to be as simple and neat as possible. Now my posts are local and in Textile or Markdown. It is automatically transformed by Jekyll into a static site. This website layout is a fork of Sreejith Kesavan with some minor modifications. I really like the clean and simple style. Thanks a lot Sreejith Kesavan!