Thanksgiving 2015

If you want to know how physicist bakes turkey, here is how. There are two temperature detectors (they are from the lab, obviously) to monitor dark side and light side temperature of the poor turkey. If you don’t realize how big the turkey is, I can tell you responsibly and confidently that it is bigger than most of the turkey you can see in the market. For this poor turkey comes from the Poultry Science Lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison. BTW, they have cheese and ice-cream from Diary Science Lab and meat from Meat Science Lab. The amazing thing is that even they eat all those non-FDA approved food, they are still smart and interesting. It tells me that food is not the reason for my stupidity. Anyway I had another fantastic thanksgiving in US. I am very grateful to have many interesting people come to my life (this is not a joke).

If you have been living in US long enough, you may feel what I feel. After thanksgiving, I am looking forward to Christmas; After Christmas, the New Year is right in the corner; After New Year, I start to plan for the next thanksgiving, it requires some patience but makes life full of hope.

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